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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My new film, an entry at, Sweden

This is my new refilming as it was sent to Sextuben.
I recieved a comment from a very pretty nineteen year old from Sweden that has, I believe watched me in one of the films, so of course, I hurried a refilming out, one in which my build can be seen. they have yet to see my hair or face: I'm a blue eyed blond. After I pump more lift and the sun lightens my hair, I'll added a new angle and new photos. I'm forty eight years old and loving every minue of battle against middle age, including a nod to Hem (Ernest Hemmingway) while talking to a student on the subway. But its almost morning and I'm exhausted; I listened to a radio play from the seventies, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, with E.G. Marshall, for approximately fifteen hours today. I'm been doing it since before Friday afternoon. Only to improve my senses while writing, which it already has. I surf while I'm listening; I've heard nearly twenty-five epidsodes from between 1974-76 in four days.
Please watch this and call me if your available or need to talk. Just say your're my reader and I'll take it from there.


I'm adding a second film so that they both can be seen on the same page and keeping the blog entry from last night, which is below. The second video is eroticlly different in that the vagina is non-vibrating and is tighter, smooth on the indside rather than the "vibrating rubber nails, or spokes" which line the inside of the other

I can type while the video is uploadinging, speaking of becoming more proficient at things during middle age. More accurate. It is that there is a high-minded idealism that wears down over time, particularly if specific things have crumbled, or eroded- not transcendental meanings or individualized beliefs put into action, but romantic personal triumphs that can at no cost be comprimised. My recent blogs chronicle a return to poetry readings, which I gave a rain check to this week due to most people celebrating the year end holidays and return to Film criticism after six months of novel writing.
Therefore I want this with her. I wrote something to the effect that I have a relationship with only one student from Stockholm, or one from Lund, or Uppsala or Gotenburg, our one from each city, and that being only four female students, as writing partners, soul mates, if you will, then I'll be the wealthiest author in all new England. The poem this week would have been titled, "For How You Knew".
Wouldn't it be better to have one, or a half dozen, readers and rather than a hard-bound volume, have it part of a magazine like anthology,i.e. interelated blogs, as counterweight, including an occaisional letter between authors, or an infrequent drawing or poem? Hold that idea for me.
I'm adding  my third new film entry. Three films of the present author appear on the first page of's video section, as do the most beautiful young women in Sweden. The sound of a woman's voice in the second video is a young lady appearing in a video, which was on my computer while I was filming. She is not one that to whom I have yet written.
 I  had lifted weights earlier this evening. Its indisputable from the film that I wear a size 32 pants and weigh 140, so tonight being early in the week I lifted 175lbs on the torso, a upped my abdomen reps to twenty at 200lbs; the bench press came in low with reps decreased untill 175lbs (last week went to 185).

The older blogs have some diary form, epistolary background material, should you happen to come across them.

Scott Lord, Inga's Veil Evening

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